About Me

I want to share with you guys my different experiences that I have adventured through my musical journey. Since I was born, my parents have taken the duty to instruct me with their musical knowledge. From The Beatles, to Bon Jovi (just to mention the most recognized ones), my parents developed a nice fundamental base for my different encounters with the art of music. I do not discriminate with any musical genre, as I love the diversity of the world of music.

As a music adventurer I myself am a musician. I play about six instruments: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele. I have had my band experience with different styles of band: Pop-Rock, Rock, Metal, Latin Pop and even Religious bands. For now I’ve been working on my own, making music and posting it on SoundCloud.

Music for me is my religion. I’m almost 24/7 with it, almost as if it was omnipresent in my life. Even when thinking, I hum my own background. Music is my setting.