What amazes me the most about any movement of art is the development of different variations that are resulted from a change in perspective. These changes are made by pioneer musicians that intertwine musical conventions, to form new movements. Specifically, if one focuses on Hip-Hop, which is a musical genre that has experimented huge changes throughout the many combinations with other genres, one can have a better understanding on how diverse a musical genre can be. From Tupac, to Eminem, to Drake, to Kendrick Lamar, to Post Malone (and this is just mention a few of the most influential) Hip Hop has experimented big changes and variations. From Gangsta Rap, to Alternative Hip Hop, to Trap, a lot has happened throughout the history of Hip Hop in order to get there. And although not everyone is accepting to these variations, each and every musical genre has enough worth to take the time to appreciate its uniqueness. As any art movement, it is important to study the different variations in order to appreciate music to its fullest.


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