Part of the main focus of this blog is learning the different conventions of obscure Genres that are usually generalized to a more popular genre. The importance of listing the ground rules of every special class of music style, is the uniqueness and  the great diversity behind every special Musical Genre. Every variation of musical convention has a specific origin and it details a result of regionalism, local color, and consciousness.

Now, each musical genre varies from a set list of elements that are composed by instrumentation, bpm (beats per minute), vocalization, lyricism, identity, musical intensity development (high and lows), accentuation and dynamics (soft, loud). This is just to mention a few, since there are more technical ones in musical notation. Every musical genre is basically a different outcome of the different musical variations.

Once you learn about the different conventions behind each Musical Genre one can appreciate every song as it is, a work of art. In order to appreciate a song one has to follow the guidelines of every work of art, set aside ones personal beliefs and elitism, and pay close attention to the different constituents that make a song have that organic unity. Do not let social barriers limit your experience with music; every song is a different experience.

Next time your coming across an obscure musical genre, think about the organic unity behind each song. Keep in mind the different elements that constitutes each song. You may find yourself liking music you never thought you would.


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