This week’s musical genre is Nu-Metal. Now to start off we will talk about what is the Nu-Metal and what makes it unique. Personally I’m a huge fan of Nu-Metal because it’s basically the combination of various genres. Nu-Metal is a progressive form of Metal music, derived from the mixtures of heavy metal instrumentation, like guitars with heavy riffs, awesome beats and cool organs and synthesizers, but with the addition of hip-hop elements, as well as grunge and funk. Nu-Metal compared to other progressive heavy metal genres, doesn’t rely on the big guitar solo, rather it focuses on musical contrast, and it emphasizes in rhythm.

Now you’re probably wondering, how can that mixture add up and not be a mess? Well most people don’t know that Linkin Park is one of the most popular groups of Nu Metal. If you listen closely to the song “Castle of Glass”, you can have a clearer understanding of why it is considered Nu-Metal. The song starts with a piano riff, with a series of sounds and effects. The rhythm is very basic, but it changes from a drum pad with effects to a more acoustic drum set sound. Throughout you have guitar riffs that establish a harmony between the effects. Instead of the guitar being one of the main instruments, the guitar riffs serve just as a background.

Another thing about Nu-Metal, they usually are distinctive in their forms of vocals such as rapping, screaming, and growling. If we take a look a Limp Biskit’s most popular song, Rollin, we can appreciate the influence of rap and hip-hop incorporated in Nu-Metal. If you listen to it you can hear the heavy guitar riffs, also the sounds of what is known as “scratching” use in old school hip-hop. The drum is quite simple, and they also incorporate different sounds and effects.

Although misunderstood, Nu-Metal is a very distinctive genre, and should not be confused with metalcore and rap metal, even so that they do have some similitude. Some of the artist that gave this Musical Genre its popularity were Korn, Kid Rock and the aforementioned Limp Biskit. Hence, the popularity of Nu-Metal began around the 1990s. Since then lots of artist have played around with this genre.


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