Although I would love to talk about everything about music, for the purposes of the course of Digital Media Criticism I will have a more focused objective: the different musical conventions, known as genres.

Musical Genres vary in rhythm, diction, song, purpose, meaning, amongst other set of rules of factors that make each and every musical genre unique. But one of the most important factor that dictates a musical genre is Culture. As anything created by humans, culture rules its reproduction with historical context and regionalism. Although, yeah, musical genres are not specifically designed for the use of one nation only, but the roots of the musical genre does have a very good value in the understanding of the culture and its history.

If you click on this map you can see a virtually almost every genre and it also gives you a sense of the vast quantities of genres and how they’re tied to each other. I do not discriminate with genres; I love the diversity that music has! As a musician I like to experiment with them, and create different styles of music. Each one is a different experience, because each genre entices a different emotion and they create distinctive ambiance.

Throughout this blog will encompass some of the few major ones, their historical context, their impacts and what makes each and one of them special. I believe that through transcending through music one can continue the conversations that were started by each musician and composers.


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